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said health care reform could save maryland millions. i am michael uczyner and the if health care reform costs us. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> beautiful cooditions out there today. around baltimore. plenty of sunsh >>well, you know thh saying, sleep tight do not let the bedbugs bite. in reality, bugs are biting big time. as kathleen cairns reports, the city's 311 center has been inundated with complaints. >> crime is not the only concern in cherry hill right now. >> because of the bugs. >> they are hard to see. >> if you are asleep. they bite you. >> it is a bed bug infestation, and she has the bites to prove it. >> i have had bites o my legs. >> last yeer baltimore city health officials had 83 complaints about bedbugs. so far this year, 446 complaints. >> but just in the past year alone, we have a six fold increase. >> hhalth department s not sure why there has been a spike in ú%dbugs. but. >> let's say you went on a business trip, come back and they come back in your suitcase, block. >> bugs are not just in a bed. >> it is impprtant to be mattrees, baseboards, sofas, pict
, this is fox 45 news t 10:00. >> hello, iiaa jeff barnd. >> aad i am jennifer gilbert. a maryland state trooper that job it was to protect the governor, faces child pornography charges tonight. >> baltimore county police busted him after a long investigation. keith daniels ssands by live tt county police headquarters where he is charred with possessiig pornoggaphy.ting child keith? ->well, jeff, the sussect's name is bruce tucker, and he is 47. and baltimore county police ay their normal monitoring of the internet led to his arrest. >> in this owen's mills townhome community newssabout a neighbor is spreeding to neighbors. bruce ucker, maryland state trooper that lives on explan nad court is facing child porn charges. surprising allegations. >> lived right next oor to a maryllnd state trooper, i guess you feel saae. and you actually got somebodyú like that. that's shocking. >> another neighbor is not showing her face. but speaking out. >> well, i am appalled. i have children. so i mean, i have a great concern with that. right in my nnighborhood. >> according to charging documents,
in the state of maryland. ú%t bob ehrlich claims he created that credit five years ago. the o'malley camp said ehrlich signed a measure to create that >> we're proud of the fact that bbo tech tax credit.thorize that it was a great idea that camee3 from the legislature in 2005. and, i believe, we're the only state in the country to have increased that bio tech he tax credit in the last year. jobs were create in the state of maryland,,in the past four months. of course, stay with fox 45 news at 10:00 for the latest on the race for governor. go to and click on the vote 2010 iconn ii the news features section. >> and an apology from the president of the u.s. mr. obama called shirley sherrod toddy after ffrced out of her job at thh usda. -e have more on what was said. >> the wwite house working to smooth over the shirley sharrod situation. -ffer three failed attempts, the former government wooker at usda over the phone. calling from his private office inside of the west wing, aides say mr. obama spoke to shirley sharrod for seven minutes shortly after nnon today. white house press
big story tonight at 11:00. day two of being left high and dry for nearly two million maryland residents. mandatory water bans still in effect tonight as emergency repairs continue on a faulty water main in potomac. fox 5's jennifer davis has those details. >> reporter: wssc says it will have people out here around the clockworking till this pipe is both drained and repaired but they say until that happens it is really important that customers out there restrict their water usage so that firefighters, hospitals and anyone would really need it is will have it. they say right now people are not cutting back enough. the problem is a weakened section of a 96-inch water main. they are asking all its customers to reduce their water usage by about a third t so far usessage has only declined less than 10%. the pool manager says they're doing their part. they held off filling the pool much longer than usual and wssc says everyone can do a little bit. >> no watering outside. no watering your lawns. don't wash your car. no topping off a swimming pool. inside your house folks can definitel
committee. he event eventually left tte house to become maryland's secretary under governor willia3 donald shaver. >>> get rrady for another hot weekend with high temperatures expected today and tomorrow. the city has issued a code red heat alert. several coooing centtrs will be open around altimore from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. they will offer water, ce and cool air. officialssare also asking people to check in on each other, especially the elderly and those who live alonn. also, beware of signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. they nclude confusion, nausea and lightheadedness. can you get a complete list of locations around baltimore city. >>> as you probably have been worried bge is warning this extremely hot cente summer is go lead to a lot of high energy bills. in june there were 14 days when temperatures topped 90 degrees. the same goes for july and there's still another week to go this month. bge warns thht even customers who keep their thermostat relatively high could still see higher biils this summer. -p>> it makes you want to consir doing, kee
to breaking news stories right now. first in bethesda, maryland a 7- year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after falling out of a window. it happened on wilmet road. rescuers tell us the boy fell from an unsecured second story window. he landed on the roof of a shed about eight feet down and rolled off and fell another 7 feet to the ground. he is expected to be okay. fire and rescue crews want to remind everyone out there do make sure all of your windows are secure. >>> in fairfax police and homicide detectives are investigating reports after human skull found in a ditch. police say they received a call about a person finding the skull at route 1 and furnace road in lorton. we have a crew heading to the scene. we'll bring you more details when we get them. >>> a developing story in prince george's county tonight. an armed suspect on the run ended up barricading himself inside an empty school bus holding police at bay for hours. tonight the or deal is finally over -- ordeal is finally over. wisdom martin is back with the new details. >> reporter: this started out as an attempted bank robber
controversy. >> tte next lieutenant governor for the state of maryland. >> bob ehrlich introduces his running mate mary kahne to baltimore. >> i am excited about a woman being lieutenant governor. >> who needs a mama grizzly. >> mary kahneea republican under ehrllch, for 11 months. ú%rnging experience, in goverrment, and the private seetor toothe table. >> we need to encourage to grow in maryland. >> kahne is also married to john kahne. a former g.o.p. ccairman, and owner of a moving ompany, now beinn sueed for fraudulent bilge on government contracts. >> in a way, i wonder whetherúú. >> political analyst said kahne's abaagage could cause %-also said that her ties to and mootgomery county aad washington suuurbs may not be enough. >> these days, thh temperament are against all pprties. both he parties. and it might have been better if %-so clearly identifyed with the party. >> clemson said ehrlich's previous picks, steel and cox, time, he is playing it safe. >> given the ratio between ú%mocratic and republican voters in maayland. i don't think a he republican can win ii he played it right
" at 11:00. >> well, the heat slowed trains from maryland commuters. marc trains on the camden line forced to slow down. heat caused the track to expand. and that increases the chances of a train derailing. >> all across the state. thermometers hit temperatures we almost never see. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at how hot it got today and hot how hot it will get tomorrow. >> we're talking about the word being extreme. extreme in our weather as we have seen just about 90 days ago. we were dealing with piles of snow around baltimore. if we have not forgotten, largest snowfall for the winter season for the 2009, 2010 season of 79.9 inches of snowfall. and then a cool raining, short period of time for spring. and now we are seeing this record breaking temperatures. record high today of 105. out at bwi thurgood marshall airport. we're talking about temperatures warming through the day. up to 105. and an r stands for still rising. that was the number we got for a high. and the last record on july, july 6, was 1999. 11 years ago. and then we had 101 on that day. normally our
. >> the whole bed started to shake. >> maryland's earthquake, what where most of the shakingity happened. >> and a museum sleep over. what you will have to do to get $10,000, and a free place to stay, for a month. >> live in high definition, from -bff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". i am aren paaks, jefffbarnd is off onight. baltimore county police have arrestee two men, in the beating deathhof a lansdowne man. keith daniels is live at the highland village townhomes where the man's own neighbor is accussd of murder. good evening again keith. >> well, karen good evening. he lived here statttis townhome. and tonight police say ne 70 and suspects lived right next door, to the victim. now police arrived on the scene. and late last night. and detectives say according to witnesses, smith aw 19-year-old tayssaun raheem rying to pry open a front window. charging documenns said raheem was with troy barnes smith's neighbor. investigators say he opened the door and onfronted him. and both suspects forced wayy3 inside. and detectives say raheem hit smith innthe head with a
raan falls from the skies over maryland. >> tornado warnings this evening %-helll, i am jennifer gilbert.. >> nd i am jefffbarnd. the storm came fast and furioosú tonight aasearch foo a missing happened on the gwynns falls tonight. jeff? >>well we aae here at an overpassson highway 40 tonight where rescue crews have spent -ll daa keeping watch on the gwynns falls..3 now they are searching for a motorist that they fear could be but so far toniggt, there is no signs of life. >> i have never ssen this. >> with the water rose, feeriig a motorist was swept downstteam. crews raced to the scene before 6:00. franklin town road, they found a car submerged uppiie-down in gwynns falls. >> we cannot tell if there was anyone in he vehicle. and at this oint, we still do not know if anyone was in the vehicle. we got a 911 call from a cell3 phone that actually went dead. seaaching the waterways,ing neighbors athered along overpasses searching for any sign of ife. >> i jjst hope it was nobody i kkew. %-instead of dead.hem alive. >> back live here at the overpass. on highway 40. crews are ca
for videotapeing police. the letter that could change the legal argument about maryland's wiretapping law. >> a safe haven becomes a crime scene. the act of compassioo this man is accused of taking advantage of. >> the front that brought us storms, will also bring big changes in temperatures. how much cooler we will be going intt the weekend. in the sky watch forecast. >> live in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer glbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. women and new mothers find help. >> safe haven in nnapolis, for young girls. but tonight a worker thought it would be the place where she would lose her life. keith daniels s here now back from annapolis, with the woman's frightening story. keith? >> jennifer and jeff it happened ddring a daytime hold up at the most unusual place for a robbery. but police say a thief chose th3 small town help center. staffed by older women, that say they wereenearly frightened to death. >> teresa thornton is a volunteer at the birth right women's resource center in annapolis. she was there wednesdaa
or parole or ú%ndatory relief. >> every maryland jurisdiction, has at least, one of these particular machines. after 20 years offcalling baltimmre city home, usns comfort maa leaveeport soon. >> navy is considdring moving the medical ship out of maryland into virginia. politicians are doinggto trr to keep he comfort here. >> baltimore's harbor may be home to a lot of sea life. but when it comes to induutry, and commerce, we cculd always use more. >> very significant toohave in baltiiore. i think. >>>that's why government leaders would like to see large shiis >> very supportive of our3 federal delegation efffrts to enssre thattthe comfort stays where it is. >> in recent yes, thh medical ship has espooded to the massive earthquake in haiti and -rovided relief aftee hurricane katrina. but navy recently annoonced it %-and wants congress to approve $10 million to upgrade a pier in order to do soo3 ú%me say it is a waste of money. >> i gettfrustrated with he politicians. them all out.hey ought toorun >> the move would also mean fewer jobs at baltimore's portt and marylladdcongressman d
back out to leonardtown maryland to check in with tony and allison. good morning. >> good morning to you. thank you very much. once again this morning we are in leonardtown, maryland, in st. mary's county. we are kindly joined this morning by the mayor, she's been mayor for years, jay norris. and everybody calls you chip. and we've all been saying it's a charming town and with some of the nicest people we've ever met. >> that's nice to say. i know that. i grew up here and my wife group up here. >> we were talking about how picturesque here. it wasn't always like that. this town went through a valley before it got back to up to the peak we are today. homeless tents where we sit some years ago. >> unfortunately that's true. the town was established in 1708 and it's hard for people to imagine in today's world but it was established because it was the center of the county, it was established for the courts and also established because it's a deepwater port. but it has been around for 250 years. and things changed the town, one was the pax river and the orange thing, and i think the bi
for that update. >>> a traffic alert for anyone on the roads. the maryland lap. agencies promise that there is zero tolerance for drunk drivers. y that setting up dui checkpoints and concentrating officers in areas known with to have a high number of driving accidents or arrests. >>> perfect weather to go into that 4th of july weekend. it can't last, no summer is coming back and that looks like it's in time for the 4th of july. what are we talking here, gary? >> reporter: i have good news and bad news. the good news is this forecast hasn't changed the last few days. as you said, we're going to be very, very hot and that is in some sense the bad news. more good news, we're not going to be that humid and that is in the mid-90s and instead of around 100 degrees or 102 or 103 and that is not going to be miserable and that is going to be hot july 4th and all weekend, too. here's our current temperatures, 81 degrees in the city. as you fly back to the west, there is warm stuff and there is -- that is not real, real hot yet. over the next few days, we'll build the heat and again, this 4
morning news is hitting the road today. we are broadcasting live from poolesville, maryland from 6:00 to 10:00 as part of our hometown friday series. gurvir, steve, allison, tony, tucker, they are all going to be out there. if you are out near there, you may want to head over and see the crew. >> take them a bottle of water. >> it will be another hot day today. it will just continue and the temperatures will rise even higher as we move through into the weekend. let's start it off with a look at our weather headlines. we will put it all into officer spective for you. there is a heat advisory today and that is in effect from noon until 9:00 tonight. that is because, once we factor in the temperatures and the humidity, our heat in d.c. is going to be into the triple digits. it will feel like it is about 100 to 105 degrees or more. staying on the into the weekend as well. state, we get near 100 degrees and that is just for our temperature. we are watching tropical storm bonnie that actually formed last night. let's take a look at our current temperatures now. yesterday we were into th
to track down his killer. >> a deadly rag race in maryland. two years ago. why police say it could happen again this week, at almost the same spot. %-wave.ready for another heat how temperaturee will rise vee the weekend and how long it will be before we get some rain, inú the sky watch forecast. >> and living to a 100. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is ú%x 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. the u.s. mariie set to return to afghanistan, is shot and killed. aad inside of a baltimore city nightclub. >> myranda stephens standing by3 live downtown with more on how his plans tooo a tragic turn. myranda? >>>ell, jeff and karen, by all accounts, chase love was a marine ready for war. but instead of returniin to afghanistan, he died in a battle ú% a different kind. inside of thii baltimore lounge. >> custooer came and said you know wwat happened? somebody as killed. >> talk was found out through ú%e customers of a killing of a marine riggt next door to the -owntown hallmark store. >> sad, killed in baltimore. >> police say 26-y
-life threatening injuries. >> tonight, a lot of frustrrtion witt public transportation, in the state of maryland. marc train were strand fodhours, in 90-degreeeheat. this week a train from dc tt ballimore skipped a stop at oden tonight governor said thh state is spending a lot of money to fix those problems. >> here is our question of the3 day. do you trust public %-so far 33 percent say yes. 67 percent say nn. nicole writts on faceeook.franky behind a killlng machhne. car, plane, rain, tractor. whaaever. but another viewer defends tte workers, sort of. ú%ey are overworked under aid. so this will be happening a lot. >>>bob ehrlich is attacking the3 o'malley administration, for its response to the trouble with mass transit. one week after governor o'malley took this ride, on a marc train, ehrlich said ttat passengers still face naccepttble failures. %-riders addisory council..3for today the governor fired baak. >> governor ehrlich doesn't know much about government. never careddabout government..3 really ranked transit very, very low on hhs list of priorities even in easier times. i have surr
would not say where or when that incident took place. >> a maryland state trooper bruce alan tucker 13 year veteran accused of possession charges have ben caught ú--> i live next door to aght. maryland state trooper, you feel safe. and you actually got omeeody like that. it is shocking. tonight. he is currently suspended >> firrt on foxxtonight. -epartment of natural resources ú%lice officer is charged with more than a dozen counts of sex abuse. as kathleen cairns reports, the victim is a young teenage girl. >> it is a lazy monday3 afternoon, on lynch cove in fishermen say they rarely see the department of natural resources police patrolling. but in april, on this same dockk one woman tells us that she witnessed an encounter, a dnr officer had with her dad. >> e was just going own there to fish. and he didn't have his rods in the water or aything. and the cop was really rude about it. gave him a ticket. >> her ffther plans to go to court to fight tte civii ú%tation. and meanwhile that's the same week the officer that graduated from the accdemm tww years ago will have his own cou
told you about a few moments ago in caroline county in maryland. that has been taken down. no tornado warning in caroline county as the storm system as we showed you has pushed into delaware. what you are seeing dehere, i will get a closer look at it. the counties in red is where we do continue to see a tornado warning that's in effect for t about another 15. and that's in kent county and central delaware and newcastle county in northern delaware. de there is your storm system. it rm slooks less impressive, b still tornado warning in effect until 7:15, efnot in maryland b in delaware. current conditions, we're delan seeing rain across the washington area. what we are gtonseeing is some misty conditions and a mix of clouds and some sun. 75 degrees is your current temperature. 84% humidity. winds out of r erthe southwest miles per hour. here is your forecast for today. mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms are likely. k it will be warm and humid. high about 87 and degrees. de that's a look at what is a happening with the weather. we we athave more coming up in a little bit. right no
>>> now on fox 45 morning news. >> i have found that artner, thaa maryland partnee to help uú turn annapolis arounn. >>> turning to faaebook. theebig announcement bob ehrlicú made on the social networking site. >> last hug, mom and dad, last hug.3 >> every day people become midshipmmn. we are live at the naval academy induction day as their transformation takes lace. hurricane alex. >>> good morning. it's thursday, july 1st. i'm patrice harris..3 let's get a check of our forecaat as we begin this first day of a new month, meteorologist steve fertig is here. >> wwll, the nnw month starts -ff where the old month ended. of course the old month had a lot of hot and humid days. >> yysterday was not one of ú%em. >> yesterday was not one of them. we finished with tempeeatures in the 80s and low humidity. >> if tte rest f july could stay thaa way, you would be on the top of everybody's best friend list. >> if ii would, but it won't. enjoy today and tomorrow because things are goinn to go back to weather or the holiday weekend. today should be a beauty. 60 in salisbury and 57 in as you
. sarah simmons, fox 5. >> all right. thank you very much. >>> the former maryland governor has announced his running mate. he announced his decision on facebook last night. >>> democratic and republicans in the senate agree that kagan is on her way to being the fourth women to serve on the supreme court. they are not planning to filibuster kagan's nomination. if confirmed it would be the first time three of the court's 9 justices are women. >>> the public can pay respects to robert byrd today. >>> president barack obama is calling for action to fix what's being called a broken system in america. ♪ welcome to ultimate rewards from chase. no blackouts, no restrictions on airfare and hotels, no limits to what you can get with ultimate rewards. no wonder it's called ultimate. available on chase credit, debit, and business cards. chase what matters. >>> president barack obama focusing on immigration reform today. he will speak at america university later this morning pushing for action. a white house spokesperson is saying it is accountability for employers and immigrants in the country ill
, the first governor of the privance of maryland under king george iii. a great day today. wiil the mild weather stick around for the weekend? >> a sum or of power out -- summer of about outages, what bge is doing about it. >> i'm going to talk with you. >> and stopping a robbery with religion. what a store clerk said naconvinced the thief to just walk >> bge says power is back on for more than 700 cantons are. >> neighbors say they're her that before. more on the problems. >> jeff, it's been 3 long weeks for are who say their power has been going on an off. the electricity has been off on several streets. homes were dark for more than 11 hours. bge a itts they are unacceptable outages. the company believes it's foun the source of the problems, an underground cable. >> we don't believe we'll have subsequent outages, that said, i don't want to sit here and declare victory and say we'll never have an outage aaain. >> they plan to hold a community meeting to keep residents up-to-date. effected customers can try to recoupe money for outage related expenses such as spoiled food. the numbers
injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >> maryland was shaken awake this morning, a 3.6 magnitude their sleep, at 5:00. as kathleen cairns reports, the epicenter was in montggmery friday morning in germantown. while some residents work on -ome projects. >> all done. all finished. 5 a.m. wake-up call. >> everything shook. >> the whhle bed started to shake. and like this. >> the whole bed shakkng. room shaking. evvrything in the room was shaking. >> the surprise leads to speculatiin. >> wws it thunder? >> it wasn't thunder. >> was it a military plane >> it was sound that shocked me. >> aatomatically thought a house had blown up somewhere nearby. >> it felt like a truck ad hit the hhuse at first. and then the rattle. >> stephanie is a california ú%tive. ii reminded her of hollywood in ú%ny ways. >>the whole bed started to hake like ttis. like it shook. for about 20 seconds and ust >> experts have cracked the case. labeling it. -> 3.6 magnitude earthquake, epicenter was within a mile of here. >> i was not expectinn that at all. and it tottlly scared me. >> residdnts
is finally back home. >>> but we begin with accusations of excessive force. a maryland woman claims police broke her hand. we're diving into the investigation tonight. >>> that woman claims montgomery county police stormed into her wheat on home and knocked her around. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. that woman says because of her injuries she can't work and fears she could lose everything. fox 5's roby chavez is here with the story you will only see right here on fox 5. robbie? >> reporter: a 65-year-old woman is raising strong allegations of excessive force, police brutality and unlawful entry. her hand is bandaged and she's in a cast. she says montgomery county police roughed her up in her oem home. >> this guy grabbed my hand like this and was doing like this. i said stop, stop, you going to break my arm. >> reporter: 65-year-old piero tuno recounts the night she says montgomery county police broke her hand. >> i came from italy and i never get in trouble with nobody. then i have to come in here and keep it like i'm a criminal. >> she's fragile. never hurt a fly. never gotten a t
frederick maryland and could not afford $150 team. they say he robbed and shot rrbert mock, the cab drivers shortly after reaching the city of baltimore. new trial date has not been set. >> westminster man is sentenced to 50 years for attacking a woman, with a hammer. police say paul scott went tooa tried to rape her. hit her in the heaa with a hammer, several times accorddng to police. court records indicate this was the scott 9th assault conviction. >> the power is back on for more than 700 southeast baltiiore reeidents. but neighbors say they have heard all of that from bge before. judy kurtz has new information on the search for answers to these problems. judy? >> it is off, it is on, off again. residents in patterson park never know how long they will have power. and now they want answered from bge. >> the frig may be cool. but when it comes to bge matt wade has reached the boiling point. >> frustrating is not the word any more. aggravating to get home at 5:30. and have no power, and walk the dog and then have to go find a restaurant or a bar or someplace, where you can have a meal and
of the summer.3 hits theaters. wwat the stars of twilight think ú% thh hype. >> and a maryland desseet is ooe of the fattest foods in the u.s. find out how mucc fat is in one slice of smith island cake. >> live n high definition from >> good evening, i am jenniferr3 gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. breaking news in the race for governor in the state of maryland. >> former governor ehrlich is using the internet attthis moment to announce his running mate. this just posted on his facebook page. it is marry kahne, former secretary of state. that is also thh wifeeof john kahne, marylann's formee ú%publiian committee chairman. he is making the announcement on facebook. there right now. taking advantage of social met working sites ii a growing trend for poll decisions. two will make appearances in baltimore, county and charles county tomorrow. and late word thht george owings haa dropped out of the race. he planned to challenge o'malley for the democratic nommnation but he is leaving because he is recovering from an illness. >> stay with us, for the latest on the race for governor. go to foxbalti
. much of maryland is now facing trout onditions. recent heat wave and lacc oo rain has created dangerouslyydry conddtions across the state. some farmers say they are in danger of losing the entire crap if rain does not ssow uppsoon. thankfully, thunderstorms are in our area tonight, buttare theye? meteorologist emily gracey has a look at the sky watch fooecast. hi emily? watching the showers and thunderstorms roll in. and first look at where we stand as farras tte lack of rainfall this season. if we have not been uite too below average ecause the snowfall this year, ut for the season we are below average. typically we should be 4 1/2 inches. and we are below two. almost 3 inches below average. and we may change that as we head into the next 12 hours or so. front pushes 32 the area. closer and closer. so causing flash flooding back to western maryland. and as it goes into our area it could bb a threat for us. showers and thunderstorms move to frederick, will be in towaad ú%lttmore in the next couple of hours. so we will continueeto watch that front as you can see it eetends
. tucker is out with the rest of the crew in leonardtown in maryland if our hometown fridays but gwen is here. how sweet it was to look outside and see the raindrops on the windshield. >> we say we don't want rain. we want nice weather. but we need the rain desperately right now. let's begin with a look at our maps. you can see there is some precipitation well off to the east offshore and also off to our west. we have a little circulation going on there. for today, we are talking mostly sunny skies. there is a slight chance this afternoon especially to our west that we could see a thunderstorm or two pop up. it is a 20% chance right now. if it happens, it will be later this afternoon. other than that, we to have mostly sunny skies across the area. here is a look at your current temperatures right now. 77degrees at national airport. we've got 75 at baltimore and 75 at tull less. even early this morning, we are starting to get that warm, humid air in place. 77degrees at fredericksburg. as we move into the course of the day, it will pretty much stay that way. we have a code orange air qu
an earthquake in maryland ccmpares to one earlier thisú week in california. >> a little less heat over the weekknd. and some rain on the way too. how long the showers will stick around in the sky watch forecast. >> sometimes shopping is stress reliif. >> going on a shopping iet? how long these peopll ave agreed to stay away from the mall, and why. >> and the vampire craze takes a new turn. >> i am team edward, nd i mean -- >> how it is invading the ú%ntist office. >> live in high definitioo, from fox 5 news at 10:00. >> theewhole bag started to shake like this. %-it shook.ene in the exorcist, >> mother nature with aa alarming wake--p call as a earthquake rattles the region. ú%d also cranked p thh heatt >> i felt like i would pass out. >> kiccing off the weekend with >> good evening, i am kaaen parks. jeff barnd is oof tonight. 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook montgomery county.antown in as kathleen cairns reports, a lot of marylanders are xtra tired tonight after shaken from theer beds at 5:00 this morning. >> friday morning in gerrantoww. while some residents work on home projec
way. maryland officiall said a person was found dead in baatimore in a home. ú%r temperatureeinside of the home, over 90 ddgrees. and o far this year, eight people in maryland have died because f the heat. that stresses the impprtance of ú%ying to stay cool n weather likk ttis. ú%t keith daniels joins us live3 -fommnorth altimore to tell us from bge.3 >> and a train stopped n thh the passengers n board.ves of karen pprks will joinnus liie showing us what is beiig donn tt keep commuters safe. nursing home in dowwtown baltimore. anddit has been evacuated anded the staae launched an investigation tonighh. jeff abell shows us that the facclity's record is hardly cleen. >> at ravenwwod nurseing andú >> icc cold, ice cold. >> it is moving day. and for many residdnts ittcould not come soon enough. >> very uusett because my sister is in there. >> residents omplain theecenter has been wittoot air conditioning for the past four %-when state officials learned f the news yesterday, they ordere3 -tate officials ssy the mercury inside had hit 92 egrees. >> all heyydid was run ann get
, maryland. tom fitzgerald is live with more. the neighborhood got good news? >> reporter: we've been here all day. two minutes before we went on the air, traffic lights came back on, and this neighborhood up on river road finally got power back. we just received an updated e- mail from pepco. let me read it to you. i'll get out of the road while we do this. in montgomery county now, there are 20149 customers out of power, out of 300,000 that were previously out. in prince george county, 2746 homes remain without power, out of 220,000 that were out. and in dc, 1,655 homes are without power tonight. and while pepco made good progress over the last couple hours on the situation, the next 24 hours are going to involve some of their most intricate work. and here is why. a lot of outages that are left are because of situations like that, particular lines that have been entwined with trees. when the trees came down, so did the lines. line crews fanned out, are trying to get to the pockets now piece by piece. four days after this massive tree went down on hatting ton lane, pepco lines men started
. >> maryland ttansit administration said the time has come for a change. trainn now. the call center is staying open longer and buses, are on standby if trains abreakdown. mta said it is trying to leaan %->> so mta has a new plan in place, and they said it is -reat. and today before they come in here, they have to have a plan of their own. work early today to make sure to make an appointment this evening. -> trains will continuu to run ssower than usual during extreme heat. otherwise tracks could buckle and cause trains to derail. that's not a new practice even though passsngers think it is outdated. >> i don't know why maryland cannot run a train. we know whht the weather is like in the summer. >> now we know these new3 procedures will continue as long as temperatures are in the 90s. >> that's fine. as long as i get where i have to go. joel d. smmih, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the city's cooling centers rrmain open whileewe are under a cooe red heat alert. cool 70 here aa the john booth senior center on eaton avenue today. people that work here ssyythey all theecooling centers innthe city were o
also been an arrest in the murder of a prominent maryland artist. she was found stabbed to death in a tease alley on monday. she had gone missing from her rockville studio just three days earlier. police used surveillance video to track down 35-year-old raymond williams of kensington. he confessed to killing her but authorities don't know why. he is charged with premeditated murder. >>> a final house vote is expected later today on extending unemployment benefits to two and a half million americans who have been out of work for six months or longer. that bill passed in the senate after a month-long battle between democrats and republicans over how to finance it. >>> the wall street reform and consumer protection act is now the law of this country. a victorious president obama signed that bill into law yesterday. democrats have been trying to get that bill through congress for two years. the president says that new law contains common sense changes including a council of regular lawsuitors to overseawall street's complex financial transactions and the creation of a watchdog consum
. >>> some residents from maryland will have to spend the weekend using less water. it'll be a few days before a faulty water main is replaced. sherri ly has the latest on this. >> reporter: you know what? the good thing is, they caught this early, before that water main actually broke. wssc crews had been working around-the-clock trying to make repairs. the next step was for them to cut it out and replace a 16-foot section of the 96-inch water main. water restrictions will remain in place for prince georges and montgomery counties. lynne rigins joins me. >> take shorter showes , don't run your dishwasher or washing machine unless it's full. don't flush your toilet unless you use it. if you can cut water consumption by 1/3, it will help other customers and fire protection. >> reporter: you cut out a concrete section to test the waters that reinforce the concrete of this water main, what did you find? >> we found that our proactive technology and proactives, indicated what wires were failing. we exposed the wires, did a cockpit annuity test on them and some of the wires failed. we need
. >>> here in maryland now, a maryland police department investigating their own after allegations of excessive force during arrests. two hyattsville police officers are suspended. fox 5's maureen umeh is live in the newsroom with the edge on why their boss is so worried. >> reporter: these allegations have certainly put the officers' reputations on the line but hyattsville police chief says they also could make questions of integrity, bring that to light but the entire police department. two separate incidents two separate officers, both in trouble for crossing the line accused of using excessive force during arrests. >> we were taking them seriously. they're being formally investigated. >> reporter: one ever the incidents happened back in march along the 2900 block of hamilton street in hyattsville. officer trevor hodges was alleged to have used excessive force while arresting a subject. the other incident happened on july 3 and involves corporal steven bockard. he too was accused of excessive force in making an arrest. in other cases other officers blew the whistle. >> it's our
the n a death of a maryland marine said it should be allowed to protest military fuuerals. family of fa mathew snyder -aking it to supreme court. saying their rights to privacy was violateed whee westboro baptiss church of kansas church filed a brief saying snyder became a public figure when he agreed to be interviewed by the media after his son's death in 2006. youuthought albeer snyder was a public figure? ú%%-14 percent say e noo. tony in baltimore said, being aú retired soldier there is nothing more sacred than the funeral of a fallen sollier and no rrligioussorganization has the right to violate that. >> robert wrote on our facebook page saying albert snyder is a public figure now, but at the time of the funeeal he was nott dat, he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> go to and let us know what you think. you can souud off on faaebook. you can send us a tweeetat fox baltimore. text us to 45203. enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and ww are going to heer more ressonses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> the video behind mm is
to a legal analyst about the indiccment. that is coming up in the 6:00 hour. >>> maryland's governnrrrace is thh new poll shows governor martin o'malley and former governor bob ehrlich are the resnnck poll did a poll over tte phone. responders prefer on candidates and 5% is undecided. a ssrhave a released llst week showed ehrlicc ahead for the first time leading by 3%. >> stay tuned to fox 455morning news for continuing coverrge of we will talk about how rellable polls are in a race four months out. that is coming up in an hour. >>> don't fooget the fox 45 neww has the lateet information on the run for governorr go to and click on the 2010 ivon in the news features stage. >>> the ooe bam adminnstrrtion s trying to sussend oil drilling in the gulf of mexico again. the interior department sayss33 ú%ere are new questions about safety and response capabilities and until thooe questions are answered a drilling suspensionn3 is essential..3 >>> attorney general errc hooder may not be finished chhalenging arizona's mmigration law, but as major garrett reports, the %-backlash by
living in these conditions and you have the ability to correct them and you do nothing. >> at maryland legal aid attorneys want tenants to know, if landlords do not repair problems, they urge tenants to contact the county inspector and document everything. >>> bob ehrlich is exppeted to officially toss the hat into the governor. he is scheduled to be in annapolis this afternoon to file for candidacy with the board of elections. the former govvrnor will be looking to reclaim hissold job in a rematch with martin o'malley on wednesday. ehrlich announced his running ú%te will be mary kane his3 former secretary of state. ssay tuned for fox 45 morning news continuing coverage of this story. we will alk with a polltical analyst about ehrlich's choice running mate. 7:00 hour.ming up in the >>> the war of records conninues as ehrlich criticizes the3 governor's response to theemarx %-trace secretary missed mmetin. those comments have sparked a debate. >> i surrounded the people's cabinet wiihhvery competent secretaries. i have not loaded it up with3 cronies as ehrlich did. i will put the pen m
coverage, live from dupont, i'm will thomas. back to you. >>> a close call at a jeremy man town maryland pool. a lifeguard notice had young boy floating on his stomach and pulled him from the water just in time. he was barely breathing. lifeguards kept his airway clear until emergency crews could arrive. we're told the boy will be okay. >>> tonight on the "news edge" at 11:00, you'll hear from the lifeguard who saved that's boy's life. >>> now the latest on a developing story. as we hit the hottest days of summer the mandatory water restrictions are still in effect f montgomery and prince georges county residents were ordered to conserve because of a huge broken pipe. roby chavez is live in the potomac with the latest. >> reporter: frustration is growing especially since that water main has now been fixed but wsfc says the mandatory water restrictions will remain in place at least through tuesday while the pipes are flushed out. now, they also tell us that the water police and yes there is such a thing is out in full force. on the fifth day of the water restrictions it is ironic to see w
we are following tonight. a massive fire in frederick, maryland. skyfox over the scene earlier tonight as firefighters battled these flames. huge clouds of smoke could be seen shooting out of the roof. the building is located at east all saints street and south carol street. we are told it was a business but no word which one. >>> fallout tonight from the mess on the marc commuter rail. first a breakdown that left passengers stranded in the heat for hours. then a missed stop with state transportation officials on board. well tonight the state and am tack are vowing to make things right. fox 5 wisdom martin live at union station. wisdom? >> reporter: some of the top brass involved with running the train system are out talking to passengers trying to reassure them and let them know they are investigating. they will fix these problems and they will do better. it's not every day that the people who ride the train get to talk directly to the people who run the train system. amtrak's c.e.o. joseph bordman, maryland transportation secretary and maryland transit administration chief sp
'm trying to say. you don't want to miss that. leonardtown, maryland coming up at 6:00 this morning. are they dealing with a little bit of rain showers in that area too. >> there will be just a little bit down to the south but mainly we will see most of the wet weather kick in late into the course of tonight more than anything else. right now, here is a look at satellite-radar composite. we have the spin going around across the area and just a few showers to our far west but we are looking at a chance of seeing some of that later today but tonight will be our primary time but as far as today is concerned, things are pretty clear out there as far as the skies are concerned so not a whole lot going on. here is a look at your current temperatures. 77degrees at national airport. 77 at baltimore. 76 at dulles and 78 degrees this hour already at winchester. and for today, we are still talking humid conditions. thunderstorms by tonight. late this afternoon, by tonight is what we're talking about. mainly, i think it will fob the majority of our area, it will be like after midnight more than
in germantown, maryland actually boy is recovering this morning after he nearly drowned actually lifeguard watched as the boy chaseed a ball into the deep end of the pool. she says at one point he began floating on his stomach. he didn't respond to the lifeguard's whistle so she jumped into water, pulled him out and called the paramedics. >> i put him into the emergency position, tilt the victim's head back and make sure there is nothing obstructing their airway. it is something you have to be constantly vigilant. you're just always ready for a save. >> the cdc says each day, three children in america die from drowning. another four receive emergency care for nonfatal injuries. >>> a local lawyer is helping rescue fishermen from the gulf oil disaster. >> coming up next, his mission to put them back in hair boats. why he says bp is slowing down the process. >>> good morning. after lots of heat and humidity yesterday, conditions today even worse. i'll have the details on the forecast. it gets a little bitter on the five-day. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic coming
now has a running mate. >> the next lieutenant governor of the state of maryland mary kane. >> reporter: but kan he's selection was already old news online as ehrlich's campaign posted the pick on facebook late wednesday. >> that partner is mary kane. mary? >> thank you, bob. >> reporter: the 48-year-old kane is an attorney from potomac and was secretary of state in the ehrlich administration. >> we need to focus our debate and our talks on how to bring maryland's economy back. that is the first and foremost thing that our job is going to be as leaders in this state. >> reporter: while mary kane could bring republican female votes, her family business connection are also bringing questions. >> nonissue as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: husband john kane's moving company was sued by the u.s. government for underpaying workers in violation of federal contract rules and for issuing false documents claiming it was in compliance. >> not related to the political issue. it's not a state of maryland issue. it's a federal review issue. it has nothing to do with the candidate, no
graduated from and worked at the university of maryland. friends say she he can sold at all of -- excelled at all of that. but that wasn't what she loved most. >> family was the center of her life. she loved those two girls. >> reporter: she and her husband adopted the girls. they gave her son a gift that meant more than any other. >> when he was a newborn, she gave me a cotton blanket that belonged to sophie that was something sophie loved a great deal. she came over, gave me sophie's favorite blanket as a gift. and that meant a tremendous amount to me because it was her child's favorite blanket and she gave that to me. >> she was very generous? >> very generous, very kind, and she was a good person. >> very supportive lady. very intelligent. i'll certainly miss her. >> reporter: her 64-year-old mother was with her and was taken to the hospital. her physical condition is improving. of course, emotional recovery for the family will take a very long time. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them tonight. thank you. >>> severe storms c
afternoon here at the latest as they are already into western maryland. you can see the line of showers and thunderstorms starting to develop along and in front of the cold front which will bring in cooler and drier air as we get into tonight and particularly tomorrow. it will start to feel a lot better around here. let's switch gears. can you see everything on the move here an again, the possibility is out there some of these storms could be on the strong side with very gusty winds later this afternoon. so we'll have to watch this line very carefully as it approaches the washington area later this morning. up ahead of it, it is warm, muggy, high temperatures yesterday were in the low 90s and look at that. wave only backed off the low 80s here in town. 81-degree at 4:25 in the morning. humidity, 74%. pressure down a little bit, your forecast for today calling for more 90s, low to mid-90s and it will get stormy around here with the showers and thunderstorms approaching touring the early afternoon, i think, from west to east. >> it might impact the rush hour this afternoon? >> certainly a
, montgomery county, maryland, most of virginia too. heat advisory from 11:00 until 9:00 that's when the worst of the heat will arrive. coming in the form of hot temperatures and humidity. heat index pushing 100 today. 78 at reagan national. 74 dalles. lots of humidity as well. dew point temperatures on the rise. satellite radar quiet conditions, maybe an isolated thunderstorm late today or tonight but i got to the be honest, chances are close to none. can't rule out the possibility of one out there. highs later today enjoy 96 washington. 97 baltimore. fredericksburg our friends, we will enjoy temperatures in the 90s. 97 there as well. >>> laurathings looking good right now, nothing to repart in the way of accidents. construction wrapping up around town. 270 as you make the trip southbound from falls road looking very nice all the way down towards the split. northbound 270, reports of construction, not seeing it here in camera angle. 95 maryland as you make the trip north and southbound between the beltway dealing with road work there. virginia traveling northbound 395 across the 14th street b
. ron walters at the ufort of the maryland calls this whole thing a right wing conspiracy and an attempt to bring down the president on the race issue. >> the white house doesn't seem to have the muscles to deal with the issue of race. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. >>> sherrod by the way hasn't said whether she will take the job at the department of agriculture. >>> a live look this morning at the washington monument. good morning, everybody. thank you for getting up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa along with my pal, tucker barnes. >> hi, gurvir. >> hello, tuck. >> how are you this morning? >> you know, i'm pretty good. he is spblly since you are promising we may get a bit of a break from the humidity we've been dealing with -- especially since you are promising we may get a bit of a break from the humidity we've been feeling with. >> i want to show you the showers that have developed out tords winchester. there it s and there it goes. there it goes. falling apart right there. >> like the maytag repairman, all by itself. >> we'll take a look at the quiet conditions. our wind ha
of cameras there is a positive benefit. >> reporter: that's the view of police in howard county, maryland. >> and we've had a significant reduction in the incidents of red light running and very significant reductions in crashes -- overall crashes at intersections as a result of the red light cameras. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> communities often ask the federal government to match money for red light cameras. many want the cameras there for safety, not just to reduce revenue. >>> it is the earliest time a category 2 storm has formed in over 30 years. this morning people in mexico and texas are checking out the damage from hurricane alex. we'll go live to port isabel, texas, next. >>> and a suspect arrested overseas in connection with the russian spy ring goes missing, other suspects are expected in court this morning into and also ahead the smithsonian folk life festival is gearing up. we'll check in with holly on the national mall this morning. it is now 7:19. we'll be right back.  >>> heavy rains and whipping winds in texas. even know the state avoided a direc
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